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Shipping & Returns



IMPORTANT - Updated 2/8/24 - We now have a 10 DAY INSPECTION period and 30 DAY RETURN policy.   See below for details. 

See our specials page for our Going Out of Business details

Shipping to Export Companies:  We only cover for breakage to the address on the order.  Also, due to high fraud rates with shipments to export companies. we may require PayPal or Amazon Pay for payment, if using a credit card all criteria (name, address, zip and security code) MUST match 100%.  

PO Boxes:  We do ship smaller orders to PO Boxes.  However due to the cost of shipping larger orders, especially over-sized via USPS, we are unable to ship all orders to PO Boxes.  Location makes a difference too. We may contact you to provide a non-PO Box shipping address for larger, heavier orders and when products are over 12" long. 



See our Specials Page for current sale & shipping offers.

You may view our Security & Privacy Policy here.

Credit Cards accepted Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card (Plus we accept PayPal, Google Pay, Visa Checkout and Apple Pay)


Also see our FAQs page (frequently asked questions)

Why does weather multiple states away affect my shipment?

Just like airplane travel - if a truck or airplane is delayed on the East Coast, it not only cannot move those packages, it becomes unavailable to pick up more packages.  Worse, when the shipping company is already overwhelmed by unexpected increases, it may take days to catch up.  

Example:  So if you ordered from Arizona for a shipment to Oregon, your package may be waiting for airplanes grounded in Kentucky and Atlanta due to icy or severe weather.  Since it could not leave there, it could not arrive in Phoenix to be shipped the fastest route to Oregon.  If the delay is expected to be extensive (12 hours or more), the delivery service may be forced to ship your package on a truck instead of a plane to keep packages moving (otherwise by the time the airplanes start moving again - it now has enough for 2-3 cargo loads).  During the holidays there are airplanes transporting non-stop - which mean, except for mechanical issues, it's normally not just one plane affected, it's a large quantity.  (Most cargo planes hold about the same as 4 semi-trucks).  

Ground, Priority, First Class, 2nd Day and Overnight:  Once a plane arrives - Overnight is loaded first, then 2nd day, first class letters, then Priority Mail, then ground packages.  Which mean, if you choose ground shipping during the holidays - your package is the "last" priority to be loaded for shipping.  All expedited/priority mail has priority over your package. 


Most orders ship within 24 hours (excluding Sundays, Holidays, large personalized orders and orders requiring contact before shipment).  

Pre-Order items - If you select items with a "pre-order" button instead of an "add to cart" button - your entire order will be held until all items are in stock (typically we only offer pre-order on items we know are in transit to our facility and have an estimated arrival date).  

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If you live or expect to be in the area and wish to save on shipping fees by picking up your order at our Prescott Valley, AZ warehouse:  

  • If you have an Arizona billing address, choose Warehouse Pickup when checking out
  • If you do not have an Arizona billing address, place a note in the comments that you will pick it up at our warehouse and we will remove the shipping fee before finalizing the charges to your account.  
  • SAME DAY PICKUP - (Especially during the holidays) - If you plan to pick up your order the same day please state that in the comments section PLUS email or call us, so we are sure to have it pulled before you arrive.
  • SOMEONE ELSE PICKING UP YOUR ORDER - Please put a note in the comments section with who you expect to pick up your order so we know ahead of time we have your approval.
  • HOURS/DAYS - Pickup is generally available according to the below hours.  (Pickup order must be placed online).
    • Monday - Friday  9 am - 4:00 pm :  Usually there is someone at the warehouse.  If possible please call ahead.  
    • Before 9 am or after 4 pm:  Please call between 8 am - 5 pm to make pickup arrangements.  
    • Weekends:  Call first.  We only answer the door for pickup if we know someone is expected on the weekend. 

How long we can hold an order for pickup (after set times below, we reserve the right to cancel the order and credit any charges without notice)

  • 12/24 - 10/30 - Upon Request we can hold an order up to 14 days, unless pre-approved for longer. 
  • 11/1-12/23 - We can only hold orders for 5 days unless pre-approved for longer.  
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(we update the transit times in the cart/checkout if we know of delays)

Orders ship by USPS or UPS, whichever has the best rate

Ground packages under 1 lb ship by USPS First Class Mail

Expedited may ship by Priority Mail or UPS 3-day select


** ALL SHIPPING TIMES PROVIDED ARE ESTIMATES ONLY Weather or other events may delay shipping times, especially heavy snow or ice events (if it delays airplanes or the ability of a truck to travel in the U.S., it may delay a package.)

ARIZONA has reduced rates:  Ground  $0 - $20 = $3.95 // $20 - $30 = $4.55  // $30 - $69 = $5.00 // $69+ free

ARIZONA priority:  $0 - $30 = $7.95 // $30 - $69 =$8.45 // $69 - $89 = $7.00 // $89+ 6 

Sorry - No APO/FPO addresses

TRACKING NUMBERS are provided for all shipments.


Continental US Shipping Rates
*See Oversized/Overweight Notes Below
# times are from  DATE SHIPPED 

 Alaska, Hawaii, PR, VI
*See Oversize/Overweight
Order RangeGround
# 2-9 days
# 2-4 days
 Ground **Expedited
# 3-6 days
$00.01 - 14.99 $4.55 $10.45   $5.45


$15.00 - 19.99 $4.95 $10.95   $5.95


$20.00 - 29.99 $5.45 $11.35   $6.95 $11.85
$30.00 - 44.99 $5.95 $11.55   $7.95 $11.95
$45.00 - 58.99 $6.95 $11.75   $6.00 $12.25
$59.00 - 67.99 $7.75 $11.95   $6.00 $12.45

$5.00 Ground @ $68  SEE SPECIALS

$68.00 - 84.99 $5.00 $10.95   $6.00 $10.95

Free Ground @ $85 (or reduced Expedited) SEE SPECIALS

$85.00 - 159.99 $Free $7.00   $Free $8.00
$160.00 - 179.99 $Free $7.75   $Free $8.75
$180.00 - 199.99 $Free $7.95   $Free $8.95
Over $200 calculated in Shopping Cart **** Orders over $1,000 shipping fees are estimates only, subject to change


** OVERSIZE/OVERWEIGHT ITEMS & ORDERS - Additional Fees may be required:

  • Orders requiring over-sized packaging may require extra shipping fees. (Multiple Wedding Sets, multiple 16" or longer items, other bulky./heavy items). If additional fees are required we will contact you before processing your order.
  • Priority Mail versus UPS Expedited:  Some oversized/overweight or certain destinations may not be able to ship to a PO Box or via USPS.  If you are placing a large order and require USPS shipping, please note that in the comments when checking out and we will contact you if we are unable to accomodate USPS or if we require additional shipping fees.  

NOVEMBER 20TH - DECEMBER 31st: Shipping delays normally start around November 20th. After December 3rd ground shipping can take up to 4 weeks for larger orders. After Dec 15th Priority Shipping can take 1-2 additional days.

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(Please read all info below before ordering)
(See Important info under What We Charge)


We offer international shipping as a courtesy only due to a high request rate from other countries.  International orders account for a very small portion of our orders.

Customer's Responsibility:  We are not specialists in the laws, fees, taxes exchange rates, etc of other countries or if any electrical components (where applicable) will work properly without adapters etc within your country.  Those areas are the customer's responsibility.  

We are currently only shipping to: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland at this time.  (list updated 10/27/21) 

UK:  1/1/21 - Due to the VAT prepayment requirements we are not able to ship to the U.K. at this time (we will update this page if we are expecting any changes within the next 6 months)  

Greece: 10/27/21 Greece has been removed due to it taking weeks for express services and months for non-express services to clear customs.  

Australia/New Zealand:  4/22/22 Currently we are only able to ship via the Priority Mail option.  If you place an order please choose priority mail.  If you would prefer regular mail please place a note in the comments and if that option is once again available, we will adjust your shipping, if not it will ship by priority mail without notice.  

New Zealand:  4/22/22 - USPS is not allowing First Class services, only Priority Mail & Priority Mail Express services are being accepted (we are not currently set up for Priority Mail express for New Zealand)

Netherlands:  1/24/22 We have had multiple orders take over a month to show as arriving in the Netherlands.  We do not know if this is due to a long time period in customs.  We have been told due to so many companies not shipping to the UK the Netherlands customs has been overwhelmed.  If we notice this changes, we will update this page at that time.  


PAYMENT OPTIONS:  International order totals over $250 and/or orders shipping to a freight forwarding company  - we prefer and may require payment to be made via Amazon Pay or via PayPal with a verified PayPal account and shipping to an address associated with your PayPal account  If using a credit card and the billing address can not be verified via our system and/or it is shipping to a different address than the verified address, we may require further ID verification for fraud protection.  We reserve the right not fill an order where we do not feel comfortable with the verification of the payment provided.  

Billing address MUST match if paying by credit card, Google Pay, Visa Pay, Apple Pay:    For fraud prevention, we require the billing address and security code on the credit card used (if not using PayPal or Amazon Pay) to match the billing address provided on the order.  The payment processor will provide us with any errors in matching the information.  If shipping to a different address than the billing information, "uncheck" bill to the same at the bottom of the shipping address section.  If shipping to a different address than the billing address, or shipping to a freight forwarding company, we may require using a verified PayPal account or Amazon Pay.  

RATES: Non-US Rates are calculated during checkout (See below).

Rates are ESTIMATES ONLY - (see "What we charge below") rates are calculated at the minimum or higher than we expect for credit card pre-approval just in case some heavier items are ordered.  Rates are estimated based on ornament.  ORDERING RESIN SET OR PREMIUM GLASS SETS will usually require additional shipping fees.

Shipping fees are non-refundable once the order leaves our facility unless the package becomes lost before reaching the international customs exchange.  Due to the high cost of shipping out of the country, we are unable to refund any shipping fees under any other circumstances.  

RETURNED ORDERS:  We reserve the right to add a processing fee/return fee when foreign shipments are returned for reasons other than our error (inaccurate address provided, never picked up etc) this covers our extra time taken for foreign orders and cost of packaging.  We also reserve the right to charge any fees charged to us by USPS for the returned package.  

Mexico:  Due to orders from Mexico IP Address locations representing 80% of our fraudulent orders in the past, if the order is placed from a Mexico IP address we will ONLY ship the order if it is shipping to the billing address AND the address must match the credit card address.  If the customer is already an established customer we will allow a different shipping address as long as the billing address provided matches what the credit card company has on file.  It can not be a gift card or international card which does not allow address verification for the credit card. 

Fraud:  To protect ourselves from fraud, we prefer payment by PayPal with confirmed PayPal accounts.  For credit cards the billing address must match what the credit card company has on file. We reserve the right to cancel any order based on fraud concerns.  While we know a minimal amount of legitimate payments may be affected, unfortunately we have to make decisions based on the information provided by our payment processor "potential" fraud tools.  


We do our best to package items for their long journey however we can not guarantee items will arrive without breakage as we have no control over the handling of the package once it leaves our facility, especially outside our country.  We ship all orders thru the U.S. Postal Service which then transfers them to the care of your country's postal service. 

Most products we carry are fragile, especially products with arms, legs etc extending beyond the main part of the ornament.  If it arrives damaged will will refund the price paid for the product only.   (any product refunds require a picture of the damages emailed to:  

If there is obvious damage to the exterior of the carton and you are able to email us a picture of the shipping box plus damages inside the box we may be able to file a claim depending on circumstances and may be able to get a refund for shipping fees in certain cases.  If so, we will pass that refund onto the customer.   


We charge our actual cost of shipping plus $2.00 - $5.00 for packaging and handling depending on the final size of the shipping container and special requirements. (See adjustments below)

ADJUSTMENTS: (see examples below)

  • NOT ENOUGH ESTIMATED: We will contact you before shipping if additional shipping fees are required.
  • TOO MUCH ESTIMATED: We will adjust any shipping fees before processing the final payment. 
  • OVER 3 POUNDS TOTAL WEIGHT: All orders totaling 3 pounds or more with packaging ship at priority mail rates.  Any package over 4 lbs MUST SHIP VIA PRIORITY MAIL. (the maximum weight allowed for international first class is 3 lbs 15.9 ounces however Priority Mail rates apply at 3 pounds so it's the same price for ground & priority mail at 3 pounds or more)
  • Shipping to Export Companies:  We only cover for breakage to the address on the order.  Also, due to high fraud rates with shipments to export companies we prefer PayPal for payment, if using a credit card all criteria (name, address, zip and security code) MUST match. 

You MUST PROVIDE A CONTACT PHONE NUMBER during checkout for customs regulations. REFUNDS/EXCHANGES: (Non-Us Shipping Address) Due to the high cost of shipping, we often are unable to provide an exchange and/or refund. We take special precautions when shipping internationally especially with our more fragile items. We will consider your circumstances before deciding.

******* ESTIMATE EXAMPLES updated 8/26/20 ********

Below are the expected actual charges by USPS including our shipping & handling fees. See Over Estimates/Under Estimates above.  USPS now charges priority mail rates at 3 pounds or more.  


  • 1 - Glass Ornament - $16 Ground & $36.00 Priority Mail
  • 1 - Moose Nativity - over 3 pounds  - $43.00 Ground & $43.00 Priority Mail
  • 1 - 12 pc Wedding Set (5 lbs) - $$$ Priority (over 4 lbs must ship via Priority Mail). *** be re-calculated

Other Countries

  • 1 - Glass Ornament $24.00 - $26.00 Ground & $43.00 - $52 Priority Mail
  • 1 - Moose Nativity over 2 lbs Ground & Priority the same - $56.00 - $68.00 Priority Mail
  • 1 - 12 pc Wedding Set (5 lbs) $70.00 - $95.00 Priority (over 3 lbs ships by Priority Mail Rates)

3 lbs or more: Orders with a total packaged weight of 4 pounds or more must ship via Priority Mail. however weights over 3 pounds with certain box sizes are charged priority mail rate by USPS.   Total Package size - regardless of final weight - may require additional fees too.

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Updated 2/8/24 - Due to selling our business or liquidating, we have shortened our inspection period and return policy

:  If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, circumstances changed etc and it is still in new condition including the item packaging (if it included a gift box etc it must be returned with the gift box) you may return it within 30 days of the date received (we go by the the tracking #).  See full details below, including how to return any products.  

10 DAY INSPECTION PERIOD - Please inspect your items soon after arrival.  We have changed our inspection period to 10 days. 

Your satisfaction is important to us. We have tried to answer as many questions as possible below.  

NON-US Shipping addresses – see our International Shipping Policies

Orders receiving Bulk Order Discounts – See our bulk order policies




INSPECTION FOR OBVIOUS BREAKAGE/DEFECTS:  Generally 15 days (details below)


RETURNS – 45 Days or Less from date received (exclusion below)

Your satisfaction is important to us. If you wish to return your merchandise for any reason within 45 days (from date received) and the product is in its original condition and packaging - see below.  

(do not return defective/damaged/wrong items - see damaged etc below)

  • All returns are processed with 3 business days of receipt.  
  • If you received a free item or a discount based on a coupon special or order x quantity to get a discount - returning items may void the discount/free item depending on the quantity returned, or may require returning the free item received with the returned products.  Contact us if this is a concern before returning items.  
  • Date received - we use the tracking # for date received verification.  
  • EXCLUSION:  Nov 1st - Dec 1st - returns are allowed thru January 15th.  
  • Your return package must be postmarked within 45 days of receiving the merchandise (10/20 - 12/1 sales by 1/15).    
  • Shipping fees are non-refundable.  
  • Return shipping is the customer's responsibility.  
  • Merchandise MUST be returned in its original condition and original packaging (gift box etc).  
  • PROOF OF PURCHASE FROM CHRISTMAS IN PRESCOTT. Include your order number or a copy of your order. if you lost your paperwork or do not have an ability to copy it, please include the billing name on the order, address and contact phone #.
  • We suggest insuring your return.  Items received (by us) in damaged condition are not refundable.  (Note:  USPS Priority mail includes up to $100 insurance at no additional charge).  
  • Preferably, but not required, include a note with a reason for the return. This helps us to know if we need to contact you, if there was an issue with the merchandise quality, if we need to take any further action besides refunding the product etc.
  • NO restocking fees in 99% of cases.  (exclusions - see free shipping on very large orders)
  • After 45 days see below policies
  • If free shipping was applied AND you have repeat returns bringing the total below free shipping, or a very large order, see free shipping below
  • NO PRE-AUTHORIZATION IS NEEDED as long as it's within 45 days and above conditions are met.  
  • Our Returns address is at the bottom of this page


Please inspect your order asap upon receipt for obvious damages/defects (we generally allow up to 15 days).  

First, please accept our apology if any of those areas (damages/defect/error) applied to your order. 

DAMAGES - DO NOT RETURN THE ITEM unless instructed. 

Please email (if you do not know how to email the information we can arrange for you to text a picture, texting must be pre-approved)

  1. A picture PICTURE of the defect/damage item(s) and include the packaging/gift box in the picture.  
  2. If more than one of the same style is broken, please include both in the same picture.  
  3. If the shipping box was damaged, please include a picture of the shipping box including a picture of the shipping label.
  4. Include in the email/text the order # and/or email address used to place the order so we may verify the order was placed with our company.

        Depending on the situation, we may offer one or more of the below.  

  • (A) Send you a prepaid return label. 
  • (B) Send a replacement.  
  • (C) Issue a refund for the item.  
  • (4) Issue a refund for the portion of shipping fees you paid relating to the product if we are unable to replace it.

Email Address: Phone (928) 776-1669

WRONG  ITEM(S) - Please contact us immediately and please accept our apologies.  

Please email us the following for verification purposes 

  • Picture of the shipping box with at least 2 sides of the box in the picture (include the side with the shipping label, plus showing at least 1 other side to be able to view the size of the box) 
  • Picture of the item received including any packaging/gift box for the item received

We will check our inventory for the correct item and make arrangements to get the correct item to you while including a pre-paid label to return the incorrect item.  In some cases we may offer compensation for your assistance or offer for you to keep the incorrect item.  Please note, though we understand the error is ours, the merchandise is also ours and failure to return items (unless agreed otherwise) is considered theft and chargeable to your account.  

Payment-Credit Card and/or Shipping Service Disputes:  We take all disputes seriously and will investigate each one to determine the correct course of action in response.  Unfortunately fraud exists, both fraud against customers via credit card theft etc. and fraud against our company in filing false and/or duplicate claims.  If we find the claim was fraudulent against our company and/or multiple claims were filed (claim with delivery service plus claim with the payment processor for duplicate refunds) we reserve the right to reduce any refunds provided to the customer by our incurred costs (fees assessed to our company, usually by the payment processor). 

Of note:  Delivery services send a response to every contact made online, by phone or otherwise to our company as we are the shipper and any refunds approved are mailed to our company.  Each claim has a different claim number.  The shipping service claim process may take 2-4 weeks.  We will pass onto the customer the full amount of delivery service refunds unless extra-ordinary situations exists (as duplicate claims with their payment processor, chargeback fees, etc).  Once we receive a notice of a claim, we will require all communications to be by email so there is a written records of the communications.  


If you need to cancel your order – please do so immediately. It is preferable that you call us so we have a better chance of cancelling your order before it is pulled or shipped, but you may also email us. If your order has already been picked up by our shipper OR as during the holidays, it’s in bags with hundreds of other orders, we may be unable to stop your order from shipping. If we are unable to cancel your order before it leaves our facility, see our refused or returns policy.


If you received the item(s) as a gift, follow the instructions found in our return policy (including proof of purchase from Christmas in Prescott -  you may also call or email us to see if we can find the info). REFUNDS: BE SURE TO STATE THIS WAS A GIFT and that you wish to have a CHECK mailed or a credit toward future purchases, otherwise we will automatically refund the account associated with the order.  Include the name and address for the refund check/credit for future purchase.  Reminder, proof of purchase from us is required and the 45 days return requirements still applies.

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If you accidentally ordered the wrong item, color or the situation changed we will do our best to make an exchange in the quickest and easiest way possible for everyone. We may also be able to offer reduced shipping or if the item was on sale at the time of the purchase, we may be able to honor that sale price. However, a refund of the original item cannot be processed until we receive item being returned.

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RETURNS - Delivery Refused/Unclaimed - Unable to Delivery

If for any reason a shipment is returned to us as refused or unable to deliver we will make every effort to contact you. Any re-delivery may require additional shipping fees (except where our error is the cause). Any refund may be reduced to cover shipping fees up to our cost of shipping exceeding the amount paid by the customer. If free shipping was applied see that section below Our Returns address is at the bottom of this page

RETURNS – 46-90 Days

Contact us before returning any items 46-90 days after you received it. We understand there may be situations where the product was for a project or event which changed or was cancelled. We will consider each case individually.  A re-stocking fee may apply.  If you return an item during this time period and fail to receive a pre-authorization - see our policy under 91+ days for invalid returns.  


Sorry we typically DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS after 90 days (from date received). If you returned an item to us after 90 days without pre-approval we will attempt to contact you and request return shipping fees from you. The cost of having the items returned to you is your responsibility. If you fail to provide return shipping fees within 30 days we will consider the items abandoned and we reserve the right to return the item(s) to our inventory or discard the item(s).  If you feel you have a rare, unique circumstance you may contact us but please know our policy exists.    

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FREE/REDUCED SHIPPING/Large returns - If free shipping or reduced expedited shipping was applied

As always, your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we are very happy to accept returns within 45 days.  The below policy only affects less than .01% of our orders but for disclosure and transparency we are displaying it on our website.  

To protect ourselves we have found it necessary to add the following to our policies.  

  • If we notice a pattern of large returns or returns which bring the total below free shipping criteria, we reserve to reduce any refund by our cost of shipping or a pro-rated amount based on the portion of the order retained.  
  • If the majority of a large order is returned and our cost of shipping is substantial, we reserve the right to apply typical shipping fees before applying any refund (example:  $250 order or more and $100 or more returned).  
  • Should we apply shipping fees to a return:  We will apply the lower of:  Normal for the order total OR our actual cost of shipping, prorated for the portion returned.  
  • If it's a large order (example:  $500 order and $200 or more returned) we reserve the right to charge a re-stocking fee up to 10% to cover our labor costs of picking and returning products to their shelving boxes.  
  • If the shipment is returned to us due to a bad address, unclaimed, or a refused delivery, any refund may be reduced by our actual cost of shipping, even if the cost exceeds the amount paid for shipping by the customer or free shipping was applied.  (unless our error or delivery service error is the cause of the return).  



Lost in Transit/Tracking does not show as delivered:  If your package is lost in transit (no updates to tracking for an extensive period not accountable to current environment conditions - (weather delays, known delays due to employee shortages, mechanical breakdowns etc.) we will provide a full refund or replacement shipment once it meets the shipping companies criteria for a missing package.  Each is determined individually.

  • Maximum 60 Days from date shipped to submit a claim of non-delivery:  Shipping companies allow 60 days to file a claim of non-deliver from the date shipped.  If you are requesting that our company file a claim on your behalf, we must be contacted within 55 days to allow us time to process a claim before the 60 day deadline.  
  • Old Tracking #:  Tracking #'s are recycled by shipping companies and any claims of non-delivery must be made within the shipping companies requirements.  USPS & UPS recycles tracking #'s after 120 days (4 months). 
  • Package shows delivered, but it is not found by the recipient:  We ship all packages with tracking required and the scanners used record the GPS location at the time the package is scanned as delivered.  This becomes our proof of delivery and/or mis-delivery should that occur. 

Delivered but can not locate package: 

Most of the time we later learn another person at the location brought in the package or it was left at a side door but logged as left at a front door etc.  Sometime the person confused two deliveries and placed the package in a closet etc believing it was from another source.  If warranted we can file a claim and will make our decision based on the determination of the claim.  


It is the customers responsibility to follow up in a *reasonable amount of time" if they have not received their delivery.  If for any reason your order was never received please contact your local post office immediately.  Your post office may be able to offer details such as blocked entrance, left at a side door, kids in the yard accepted delivery etc which you can verify but we cannot.  Please know, the longer you wait the less chance the delivery driver will remember the package.  

*Reasonable amount of time:  We email the tracking # immediately upon shipping our order plus we provide a notification of delivery by email within 24 hours of delivery (sometimes within an hour of delivery).  A reasonable amount of time is usually within a week of the estimated date of delivery for non-delivery or 3 - 7 days after the tracking # "delivered" date. 

Typically if a mis-delivery occurs, the shipper will attempt to collect the package or allow up to 3 days for the person who received it to re-deliver for them.  If you are told it was mis-delivered and it is not delivered within 3 business days, please contact us with the phone # and person's name who gave you that information.  We will refund or redeliver once we have verification from the post office.  

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  • READ POLICY: Be sure you read the appropriate policies above before returning anything.
  • 48 HOURS: Any refunds are processed within 48 hours from when we receive it (unless contact is needed before completing the refund). In some cases, as the credit card expired since the order was placed, we may need updated info.
  • TRACKING: We suggest obtaining a tracking number for your protection.
  • ORIGINAL CONDITION: Item must be in it’s ORIGINAL condition and packaging (if damaged/defective read that policy)

Email Requests - PICTURES of defects to:


After reading our returns policy - Mail all returns to: 

(Note:  we moved on 2/1/16 - below is our updated address)

Christmas in Prescott
Returns Dept
8221 E Spouse Dr
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
(928) 776-1669

* Proof of Purchase (order #, Name/date)
* Your contact info
* Item(s)
* Reason for return (return for credit/exchange)


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