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Frequent Questions


First a few Helpful Hints:  

    • You may click our LOGO from any page TO RETURN TO OUR HOME PAGE
    • You may click the Category Logo/Image when on a subcategory page (to the left of the category description) to return to the main category page (where applicable)
    • To return to a Brand Page, after clicking on an item, Click on the brand name above the item name.
    • Also see our helpful hints page for more useful information while viewing our website.

Before Ordering.  click on links below (some will bring you to a new page with the information)


After Ordering

Problem with Order Received 

    • Defective/Broken Item, Missing item/Wrong Item received.
    • Return all or part for reasons other than above.  - see our Shipping/Returns page.



Specials/Free Shipping

We normally have at least one free shipping offer and one category/brand on sale.  They will be listed on our Specials page.

Newsletter Specials:  From time to time we offer coupon specials.  Some are limited to newsletter recipients and Facebook followers.  Offers available to everyone will be listed on your Specials page.  You may sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of any page or look for us on Facebook.

Why Set up an ACCOUNT?

After setting up an account you may do these things from ANY COMPUTER or DEVICE (after signing into your account)

    • Create a Wish List for your own future reference 
    • Create a Wish List to easily share with others or on your social media page
    • Review & Track your order online
    • Print Invoices from any past orders
    • Send/Receive messages pertain to your orders
    • Review previous orders & easily re-order items from previous orders
    • We DO NOT store payment information. (see below)

Credit Cards/Payment Types:  Your credit card/payment information is NEVER saved in your account.  Although some may prefer the ease of quickly accessing their account information to place an order, we do not have a system set up to store that sensitive of information within your account.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Wish List Feature

We are starting a information page on how to use our new wish list


We will include a link to that page as soon as it is completed.


Where is my Shopping Cart

1)  If you have added items to your shopping cart recently from the same computer/device you are on now, 

Look for the below icons at the top of your pages 

cart-icon.gif  Found on larger screens as your PC or Mac

cart-icon-mobile.gif  Found on mobile devices


2)  Item were added to the cart over 7 days ago OR you cleared your  "cookies", aka "history", on your device:

In these cases your shopping cart may have been cleared.  You may wish to use our Wish List feature to gather items until you are ready to purchase them.  

3)  You added your items to the shopping cart from a different computer.  (See below)

Can I view my shopping cart from any computer?

No, sorry that is not possible. As with the majority of online stores, the shopping cart requires cookies which are stored on the individual computer/device to used at the time the item was placed in the shopping cart.  

Suggestion:  Use Wish List instead:  If you expect to use different devices to add to your order, you may want to place all the items in a wish list, which you may access from any computer.  Then when your list is complete add those items to your shopping cart.  You must set up an account to create a wish list.  

Why did my Shopping Cart contents disappear?

  • If you placed items in your shopping cart on or prior to 6/8/15 - as part of the process to upgrade our website, we had to clear all items from our shopping cart.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, however we believe our new design will be more user friendly for future purchases.
  • The other possibility is that you started your order on a different computer.  If that is the case please see above (Can I View my Shopping Cart from any computer?) 
  • Your changed which Web Browser you were using.  Many people have multiple web browsers on their computer (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox). Each stores it's own history of places you visited separately from the other web browsers.  From a website's perspective, it is the same as changing computers, the website no longer has access to your history on their website to know which items you placed in the shopping cart.
  • You cleared your browser history.  That process clears the cookies, which hold your browser history including a history of what items you have stored in the shopping cart.   
  • It's been over 7 days and the history cookie expired.  Most shopping carts "browser history cookies" have an expiration date, and it may be

If any of the above pertain to you, please consider using our Wish List.  Instead of the information being stored on your computer in your browser history, it is stored on our system within your protected account, accessible from anywhere.

Searching Our Website

There is a search box on the top left corner of every page (top middle for mobile devices)

After entering a search word or phrase press enter on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass.

The Search page will show you a list if items which match your search plus a list of categories where you may find the item

News & Info:  This will search for non-product pages (our blog, our informational pages)

There is also a button for advanced search if you wish to narrow your search results by brand, a category or price.  

Order Out of Stock Item(s)

We often order large quantities of an item for our customers.

We must order most items in quantities of 12 or more.  

If we already have the item on order we try to put an availability note above the item number (on the item details page).

We consider each item individually based if the item in available for re-order, how many we need to purchase and the items popularity.

Feel free to contact us


For large quantities ($250 or more of an item) also see Bulk Orders

Privacy Policy & Site Security

Your privacy is very important to us.  We know what it is like to receive unsolicited emails, phone calls etc.  We NEVER provide your information except as necessary to process payment information.  

Click Here to view or Full Privacy Policy .

Do you Personalize?

Sorry, we no longer have anyone on staff with nice enough penmanship to personalize.  

Do It Yourself:  If you wish to do the personalization yourself, see our Personalizing page for hints on how to accomplish that, given you usually only have 1 chance to do it correctly.  Sorry, once you have an item personalized after receiving it, return are not allowed.

Catalog Requests

We do not have printed catalogs of our products except for our Merck Family's Old World Christmas line.

We receive a limited quantity each year of the Old World Christmas color brochures with pictures of all the current products.  You may Contact Us to receive a copy (if we have some left).  REMINDER:  Provide your name and mailing address when contacting us.


We occasionally email newsletters with special offers or updates on current products.  If you would like to receive one, enter your information at the bottom of any page.



Need a copy of my order

We will gladly email you a copy of your order.

We will need your order # OR your name and billing zip code.  If you have more than 1 order with us, please let us know which one (by the total or items included in the order)

If you never received a emailed copy - please be sure to have us double check the email address we have on file.

Add To/Change/Cancel My Order

If you have already received a tracking number from us and it is after 3 pm Arizona Time, the chances are your order has already been picked up and we can not make any changes at that point.

If not, please contact us immediately for the best chance of our being able to stop your order from further processing.  Preferably, contact us by phone for best results, however we do monitor our email frequently and you may also email any changes.

If your order already shipped - please see our returns policy if you need return all or part of the order.

If you hoped to add to your order - sorry, a separate order will need to be place.  If it is the same day that you ordered and you hoped to add just a small or lightweight item to your order, please contact us and we may be able to offer discounted shipping for that instance only.

Add a Coupon to your order.

If you forgot to include your coupon or you had problem applying a coupon, please contact us immediately.  You will need to provide the coupon code for us to add it to your order and the coupon must be one of our current offers (not expired).  

  • Defective/Broken Item, Missing an Item.
  • Return all or part for reasons other than above.

Problems with Item(s) Received


If we made an error or a defective or broken was received, we will do everything we can to correct the situation.

DO NOT RETURN ANYTHING unless you have contacted us first.

DEFECTIVE/DAMAGED ITEM:  If possible, please take a picture and email that to us.  Often we will simply ship a new item based on the image provided.

If not possible, please email us or call us with the details.

WRONG ITEM:  If the WRONG ITEM was received - please also send a picture if possible.  Based on the picture, we will either send the correct item with a re-call tag for the wrong item or if the item is too costly to return, we will have you keep the wrong item or toss it as desired.

REMINDER: If we shipped the wrong item and we send a re-call tag along with the correct item - you MUST return the wrong item.  We reserve the right to charge you for any unreturned merchandise if that was the agreement for sending the correct item.  

MISSING ITEM: Please let us know immediately.  We can double check our stock and verify by our inventory level that we have too many items on-hand.  We will correct this situation immediately (by shipping the missing item OR providing a refund depending on the situation).