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Our Story

Edward and Donna AlbusEdward and Donna AlbusOur Story: 

After over 20 years of owning and operating her own Dog Grooming shop in Prescott, Arizona, (since the question has been asked, yes, the same owner as Donna's Dog Grooming that was in Anaheim, CA in the 60's & 70's), Donna Albus, aka Mom, decided it was time to open her dream store, a Christmas store. This task took her husband and son raising the roof plus many other modifications to the old garage area and additions. plus other family members helping as possible.

In 2004 she opened as a small Christmas store with some cabin decor while operating both businesses. The store has since grown into a wide array of Christmas Ornaments, Gifts and Decorations.

Edward Albus (husband) had to work to keep up as the builder as Donna designed new areas and eventually he lost his space in his new garage too. Since opening many family members have been a part of our growing process, from the great grand children that have posed for some pictures to Donna's sister, Sue, who travels from Minnesota for a couple of months every year to be a part of our holiday packing team.

In 2006, I (one of the daughters) started the online store that you are now viewing. Since then we filled an over-sized garage plus added onto that and we now call that our warehouse. As of 2014 that is full too and now in 2015 we are doing some creative organizing. Donna & Ed still live in the home attached to the store, which keeps travel time and managing the store just a few steps away. We hope in the next few years to move to a new location as we have outgrown both our store and warehouse space.

In 2015 we also outgrew our prior website and moved to a online site with more features available as the "wish list" and easier navigation.  We welcome any suggestions/insights on how we can improve our website.

If you are in Prescott Arizona during the Prescott Christmas parade or other events come visit our store.  Our town is full of the holiday spirit, hence it is called Arizona's Christmas City. 

After Christmas of 2015 we closed down our physical store to allow Donna to retire, well, kind of retire.  The majority of our sales were via our website.  We moved our warehouse off the property with their home (now it's in Prescott Valley) and they moved into a home more suited for their needs.  That property is in the process of being sold as of Jan 2017.  What I mean by "kind of" with Donna retiring is now she can come and go, work or not work, whenever she wishes at the new warehouse.  At 75 years old she's not ready to fully retire but operating a full time store is no longer an option.  She enjoys her new half day schedule and the freedom to adjust hours any time to accomdate vacations, time with family & friends, ..... retirement.  

Note:  Though we are a business, we close early every Christmas Eve so we (including our employees) can prepare for our own time with family and friends after weeks of working long hours, 7 days a week.  

Immediately after Christmas we start our inventory, purchasing for the new year, take vacations while we can, and start prepare our warehouse and website for the new merchandise arriving.  It really does take us most of the year to prepare for holiday sales including pictures (average over 600 new items per year), descriptions, dimensions, receiving, re-packing bulk shipments, organzing, pricing, what to keep, what to put on clearance, where are we going to put it the warehouse is full.  We can never complain that we have nothing to do.  Every January we start our purchasing, some of it does not arrive until the Fall, it's like Christmsa all over to us too as by then we forget what we even ordered.  And an often asked question - do we play Christmas music all year round - no, but we do enjoy it during the holidays.  

The Albus Family

Owners Edward & Donna Albus

Christmas in Prescott
New Warehouse Location
8221 E Spouse Dr
Prescott Valley, AZ  86314
Phone: (928) 776-1669 (no solicitors)
Old address (store now closed)
1235 Willow Creek Rd
Prescott, AZ 86301