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Terms - Privacy - Security Policy

See our security tips for customers link above to keep yourself safer while shopping online


Your privacy and payment security is important to us.  We strictly adhere to a policy to protect you, our customer, and ourselves.



By using our website, you consent to the use of your information as provided below, and restricted to the uses provided below, by and it's owner, Christmas in Prescott, Inc.  



We reserve the right to cancel any orders, especially for violation of any of your terms/policies or potential credit card fraud concerns.  


Website Errors:

There may be times when an error is occurring on our website, which may lead to us voiding a sale taking place during that time.  Examples:  Temporary inventory error, extreme pricing error (more than 25% price error), wrong image displayed, wrong description/title.  Though these errors are rare and usually for a very brief amount of time (usually during an update or a new product being added and loaded onto our site before the completion of the page), we apologize for any inconvenience when these error take place, especially in the cases where it leads to the product removed from an order or the order voided.  



(Address, email address, phone number, personal comments)

We will never release any information to third parties, except as necessary to process your payments or to ship your order.  WE NEVER sell or distribute your information to any mailing lists etc.  

Examples of 3rd parties we provide access to your information:  (payment processing - see below), Shipping Manager software, newsletter application (email address only and by the customer's request only)


Digital Wallets:  PayPal, Amazon, Visa Checkout, Google Pay, Apple Pay:

Payments are processed through SSL Secure encryption meeting all of digital wallets policies to protect your data.  

Paypal's privacy policy and security policy 

Click To Pay (Formerly Visa Checkout):  Privacy and Security policy 

Google Pay Terms of Service, Privacy and Security policy 

Apple Pay Privacy and Security policy 

Amazon Privacy Policy   (links to Amazon Pay, which has a link to the Amazon Main privacy page at the end of the paragraph)

Amazon Security Policy


We use a PCI-compliant payment service provider over a secured network.  Online Credit Card sales are only processed through SSL Secure encrypted transmissions.  No one in our company has access to anyone's full credit card information (we are provided the last 4 digits of the card #, not the full card #).  We take every precaution to protect you and our company to ensure safe credit card processing.  

Phone orders are processed by typing in credit card information into a secure encryption system.  We do not write down your information or store it anywhere on our systems or within our physical business.  

Stored Credit Card Info:  As of September 2018 we offer the ability to store your credit card information for future purchases.  It is stored in our encrypted trusted payment processors system, not our system.  All information is encrypted.  Except for the card type and last 4 digits of the card used, no one in our company has access to your credit card information.    

Wherever sensitive information is collected (such as credit card data), that information is encrypted and transmitted to our credit card processor in a secure manner.  You can verify this by looking for a closed lock icon in your web browser, or looking for "https" at the beginning of the address of the web page.

Our credit card processor only provides us a transaction id, the last 4 digits of the card #, the expiration date to verify it's a current card, and the type of card used.  We NEVER have access to your security code or your full card number.  We use a transaction pre-authorization ID, which represents your credit card transaction, to make any billing  adjustments.  We feel that is the safest system for both our customers and ourselves.  


Gift Orders/Messages Content - Over the Phone Profanity:

As most companies, we do not allow swear words/profanity, cursive language, derogatory/attack words or discriminatory language in gift messages (inclusive of wording in the shipping name/address).  It's the same policy as most major retailers plus small and large gift shops, flower shops, and bakery personalizing policies.  Any such words within the shipping information or gift notes will be removed without notice and in some cases the order may be cancelled for violating this policy.  

Illegal gifts/acts:  If we are contacted by a legal authority requesting the senders information due to an investigation concerning a no contact order, or other legal issues, and we are provided evidence of their legal authority and of the no contact order, we will supply any and all requested information to the confirmed authorities or to our local authorities, so they may vet the requesting person(s).  

Phone calls.  Profanity/cursive, demeaning and/or abusive language will not be tolerated by our customers or our staff.  While we understand for some profanity is a normal part of some peoples conversation and/or something may take place or be said that is upsetting, if you are unable to have a conversation without the use of profanity/cursive/abusive language please call at a later time or request to end the conversation until such a time when the parties are calmed.  We reserve the right to end conversations (after a single warning) and the right to not fill future orders with persons who are not able to follow this policy.  


Email Address:

We never distribute your email address to 3rd parties except as necessary to process your payment and shipment. 

Order:  We will send an order confirmation, an email if there are issues with your order, a shipping confirmation with your tracking #, confirmation of delivery to help protect our customers from package theft by letting them know their package was delivered, plus a single review request.  If you create an account with our website, you may designate in your account that you do not want any review emails.  All other emails are automatic.  

Newsletter:  You may request our Newsletter (newsletter are sent by email only).  We only send a newsletter to those who signed up and we provide an unsubscribe link at the top and bottom of each newsletter to easily stop receiving the newsletter.   

Catalog request:  If you requested a catalog by email we will confirm receipt of your request and our shipping system will automatically send you a notice it was mailed.  Those are the only 2 emails you will receiving.  

There are no other circumstances where you will receive an email from our company.  


Shipping/Billing Address, Phone #

We will NEVER give out addresses or phone numbers to third parties except as necessary for credit card processing and to provide information to our credit card processor in the case of fraud claims. We will only use the information provided to contact a customer about a current order or if a customer has requested contact by mail or phone. In those cases we will limit the contact to the specific request. Exception:  Legal authorities with a subpoena or as part of an investigation with a no contact order when we are provided legal documentation.  


Tracking Cookies

As the majority of websites, we do use tracking/history cookies within our site to help us improve the performance of our website, what items are offered on our website and to help us understand how our customers find our website.  

Tracking/history cookies are also required to tell our system which items you placed in your shopping cart.  Note:  Clearing your history will also clear your shopping cart.  (This is true of most online retailers).  


Our website is for general audience and does not contain any “adult only” material.  

NOT TOYS:  Please remember, the items on our site are designed for ornaments and decor, they are not designed as toys.  If we carry anything specifically design as a toy, we will state the suggested ages on that page.

3rd Party Links

Some pages on our site contain links to 3rd parties.  Those sites are operated and maintained by the owner of those websites, whose privacy policies may be different than our own.  Although we are very strict about websites linked to from our site, clicking on and 3rd party link is at your own risk and we suggest reviewing that website’s privacy policy before providing any personal information to said site.

Examples of pages with 3rd party links:  Some products contain links to YouTube videos about the product.  Our “Visit Prescott” page (under “About Us”) contains links to local informational websites.  Our store hours page contains a link to Map Quest. 

We welcome any questions in regards to our policies.  


Also see our online shopping safety helpful hints page


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