Small Imitation Ice Cube Decor, 3/4", 36 pc set, ST2498470 by

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36 pieces - Semi Square Acrylic Ice Cubes for daily or holiday decor. approx. 3/4"

Place these extremely clear fake ice cubes in a bucket or glass display with unopened beverages for kitchen decor or scatter them around your holiday display. They are made with break-resistant acrylic with a high gloss finish which gives them a wet appearance with direct lighting. They are sure to fool many into concern of them melting. (New 2019)

  • Moisture/Safety: Sold as decor item ONLY. The manufacturer does not make any claim for use in liquids, especially liquids to be consumed or for use in tanks etc with plant or fish life.
  • Does not Float: We tested one and it will sink to the bottom of a glass of water. 

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Sorry, these are not available as ornaments

Size, Weight

  • Each piece approx.: 3/4" (20 mm), 0.2 ounce each.  
  • Packaged in a cylinder shaped clear acetate box
  • set:  3" tall, 3" diameter, 7.8 ounces  

Packaged in a clear acetate box.


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