Set of 3 Whimsical Winter White Silver Wildlife Ornaments, 2 1/2 - 3 7/8", KAE0281 Set by Kurt Adler

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Dressed Up for the Party Blue-Eyed Snowy Wildlife Christmas Ornaments, 2 1/2 - 3 7/8 inches tall. Made of resin from the KSA holiday collection.

Add these fun decorations to any winter white and/or animated animals collection.  They have a furry/feathered texture pattern, blue eyes, plus attire designs with sparkly silver glitter pin stripes stripes.  All sides are wonderfully detailed and each includes a silver ornament string.  (New 2019)

Items in this set

  • KA_12140 Fox - smiling fox walking on its hind legs and wearing a white and silver glitter top and pants plus a matching hat with a snowball in its front paws (hands)
  • KA_12141 Owl - Big round eyes with a white and silver litter scarf and short jacket on a silver glitter branch
  • KA_12142 Raccoon - smiling and standing like a human on its hand feet, white scarf and jacket, white with silver glitter pants. silver shoes and a silver glitter sack over the shoulder with silver glitter bendable sticks
  • to purchase separately search for 12140

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Size, Weight

  • Fox:  3 7/8" tall, 2 1/4" wide (tail to hands), 1 5/8" deep, 2.1 ounces 
  • Owl:  2 3/4" tall, 2 1/2" wide, 1 1/4" deep, 1.8 ounces 
  • Raccoon:  3 1/8" tall, 2 1/2" wide, 1 5/8" deep, 2.7 ounces
  • Each pieces is safely packaged in bubble wrap

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