Set of 2 Straw Bristle Blue Jay Bird Clip On Ornaments, 2 1/8", KAC7877 Set by Kurt Adler

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Set of 2 assorted - Straw Bristle Blue Jay Bird Clip On Christmas Ornament, 2 1/8 (per KSA). Made of dyed straw/styrofoam from with metal clip, the Kurt S Alder (KSA) collection. Price is for 2 pieces, 1 of each style

Clip these fun bird decorations on a wreath, garland, tree or just about anything for holiday or year-round decor.  Both have the Jay crown, a mixture of blue and natural (off-white) bristles plus a (seed shell possibly for the wings and tail).  They have black eye beads with black lines painted across the eye area, a brown pointed beak and a silver plated metal clip.  All sides are detailed.  Includes a  (New 2022)  

Set includes 1 of each below

  • KA_17248 Left - head turned toward its left side/shoulder
  • KA_17249 Right - head turned toward its right side/shoulder
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