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Pink and White Glitter Candy Garland, 72", RGMTX60752

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  • Pink and White Glitter Candy Garland
  • Pink and White Glitter Candy Garland in box
  • Pink and White Glitter Candy Garland larger pic


Mixture of Sparkling Round Pink Balls and Pink Mint Candies Christmas Tree Garland, 6 feet long. Made of lightweight plastic.

Decorate your tree, drapery rods, cabinets or just about anything with this fun garland. It goes great with candy themed elves or other decor. It has two round red balls between each mint candy, which is pink and white with thin green lines plus there are clear beads between each round or mint item. Except the small clear beads, all pieces are fully covered in sparkling clear and iridescent glitter on all sides. The pieces have a very light clear coating so only minimum glitter comes off when touched but the coating is not visible.  (New 2019)

No end loops - continuous string:  There are no end loops, to hand from a banister etc you may wrap a piece of nylon string (fishing string) around an end and tie it to the end of the garland.  There is one continuous string.  To shorten the garland cut several beads past the desired length then pull the end beads off the end, which will supply sting to tie off at the end.  

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Size, Weight, Quantity of each piece 

  • 6 feet long (72" per manufacturer - may be up to 75" long ), 3.2 ounces
  • Each mint:  1 1/4" diameter, 7/16" wide
  • Each pink round bead:  5/8" diameter
  • Clear Bead:  1/8" diameter 
  • Packaged in a clear acetate re-closable box
  • with box: 9" x 5" x 4", 4.6 ounces.
  • The garland we measured was 75" long, included:  26 mints, 54 pink round, 81 clear faceted beads.  

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