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Peppermint Disc plus White, Red Balls Garland, 6 ft x 1 1/2", RAG4216236'

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Fun Candy Themed Christmas Tree Garland  6 feet long (per RAZ).  Made of plastic from the Raz Imports "Merrymint" collection.  (New Release 2022)

Decorate your kitchen, cabinets, garlands or just about anything with one or more of these red and white garlands.  It includes 1 1/2" red and white round disc shape peppermint candy decorations, 3/4" plastic beads covered with sparkly white foam spray plus 1 1/8" shiny red beads.  The mint candy shapes are solid white and translucent red.  All sides are nicely detailed. 

It is strung on a single thick clear nylon string and it has a 3" long nylon string loop on each end (not included in the 6 feet length). 

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Size, Weight

  • Per Manufacturer 6 feet long (excluding end loops)
  • The one we measured was 6 ft, 4 1/2" long (76 1/2" long) PLUS approx. 3" nylon string loop on each end
  • Mints:  1 1/2" diameter (3.6mm), 1/4" thick (7.2mm)
  • Red Beads:  1 1/8" diameter (2.94mm)
  • White Beads:  3/4" diameter (2mm)
  • Weight:  6.1 ounces 
  • Packaged in a clear plastic bag 


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