Intricate Cloisonne Hummingbird Ornament, Gold, Green, 2 1/4", KU17514 by Kubla Crafts

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Between Small and Mid-Sized, Multi Colors, Enameled Copper Hummingbird Christmas Ornament or year-round gift, 2 1/4 x 1 5/8 inches, from the Kubla Crafts collection.  

Color Note:  The actual colors are not as bright as pictured - the yellow is more gold, red has a slight pink tint.  We hope to have an updated image soon

This finely detailed, hand-crafted cloisonne feeding hummingbird decoration fits into the miniature to small sized ornament category. It is made of copper and covered with enameled coatings of various shades of golden yellow and green with red spots plus smoky blue on the upper tail. It depicts the bird with its body at an angle and long gold tone beak downward, as if hoovering over the top of a flower. It has decorative beaded copper wire feather designs throughout the body and on top of the wings. Hang it on your tree during the holidays and/or year-round from a mirror, off a shelf or just about anywhere. All sides are finely detailed. (New 2022)

  • CLOISONNE: Ancient Chinese art form of decorating objects (usually glass or enameled metal) by creating compartments separated by lines of soldered filaments (usually copper wire) to create wonderful artwork.
  • Kubla Crafts is a leader in enameled art ornaments, gifts and decor. 

* This item will also sit upright on a flat surface resting on the tip of the beak and end of the tail.

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Size, Weight, Packaging

  • 1 5/8" high, 2 1/4" long, 1 7/8" wide, 0.4 ounce.
  • Packaged in a reclosable decorative striped cardboard box.
  • with Box: 2 7/8" x 2 7/8" x 2 1/4", 1.4 ounce.