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Green Suit Posable Elf Doll Shelf Sitter, 15 - 20", RA4202581

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Bendable Large Elf Christmas Decor - Figurine, Shelf Decor with Green and White Attire, part of the 16" series - actual size 15 - 20 inches (hat down/up). Made of fabric, plastic, resin and wires from the RAZ Imports designer "Collected Christmas" collection. (2022 new release)

Add this fun elf decoration to any holiday decor.   It bends for arranging on a shelf, laying on its side, sit on top of a cabinet, hang from a rod, or even to pose between branches of your tree.  It has a velveteen sheen green fabric stocking hat, jacket and pants edged with plush white fabric and includes a fancy hat band, black Santa style belt and hard plastic or resin black boots.  The attire is created with high quality fabric attire and stitching.  All sides are wonderfully detailed and each includes an ornament string.  

Other colors, sizes:  search for 17175

  • WIRES: The arms, body and legs have thick, durable, bendable wires and the hat has a lighter weight wire to pose it for all kinds of fun scenes.  The head does not turn, however, the body twists to turn the heads direction.  
  • Ornament String:  Each includes a 3 - 4" looped shiny gold color ornament string off the hat (bottom of the back of the hat, just above the hat band)
  • Raz Elf Suggestions:  Pose these wonderful elf dolls alone or with others in a variety of ways for your holiday decor. They can climb up the tree, hang off drapery rods from their knees, hang them from the ceiling with nylon strings and attach garland to their hands as if decorating the tree, slide down banisters or even lay on their side and pose for the camera
  • Stand up: This item will also stand upright on a flat surface with help by placing a hand on an object so it does not fall over.
  • For Decor Use only - not a toy 

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Size, Weight

  • Height: 15" - 20" long (hat down, toes level/up versus hat up and toes down) 
  • Weight: 1.8 ounces.
  • Width: 4 1/2 - 14" wide (arms down to stretched out)
  • Head Depth: 2 1/8" deep
  • Sitting - back to toes with legs straight out 8 1/2" 
  • Sitting - Height: 8" - 13" tall from shelf (hat down/up)
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