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Fluffy, Feathered White Owl Figure with Grey Legs, 10" Large, MTX69457

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  • Fluffy, Feathered White Owl Figure with Grey Legs
  • Fluffy, Feathered White Owl Figure with Grey Legs Left
  • Fluffy, Feathered White Owl Figure with Grey Legs Right
$18.28 - $33.98


Choose left, right or set of 2 - Larger (of 2 sizes) Rounded Head (no ear tufts) Elegant Owl Decor - Figurine, 10 inches (per manufacturer). Made of fabric, feathers and metal legs.  

Mix and match either or both of these owl decorations with other styles and/or sizes to create a family. Both are covered with soft long white fibers fabric with white feathers added for the wings and the tail. They have yellow eye beads, a curved and pointed grey plastic beak and metal legs with bendable wire toes covered in grey paper tape. All sides are wonderfully detailed. Display them alone, inside a wreath, with garland or even between branches on a large tree. (New 2022)

Options & Series

  • RG_17347 Left - head turned toward its left (on right side of image)
  • RG_17348 Right
  • RG_17347-am2 (set of 2) 1 of each style
  • to view the smaller size set, search for 17350

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Size, Weight

  • 10" (to be verified)


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