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Eloquent White Faux Fur with Silver Owl Figurine 8" RGMTX70313

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  • Faux Fur White with Silver Owl Figurine
  • Faux Fur White with Silver Owl Figurine Right
  • Faux Fur White with Silver Owl Figurine Left
$8.79 - $15.98


Choice of style or set of 2 - White with Silver Sparkle Plush Owl Figurine with grey legs for everyday or holiday Decor, 8 inches (unverified). Made of faux fur fabric, foam and (?? metal legs) from the Regency International home decor collection.

These stylish owl decorations will bring class and an air of mystery to your home decor.  They have wonderful facial details, including black with orange eye beads, and pointed black beaks.  They are covered with thick fibers fabric topped with silver (?? large glitter & sequins?), real feathers on the wings and tail, extra long fibers down the legs, and (metal?) legs and toes covered with thick rope tape.  They are facing opposite directions, and one has ear tufts while the other does not.  All sides are nicely detailed. (New 2023) 


  • RG_18051 Left - no ear tufts.  The head is turned toward its left side (displayed on the right)
  • RG_18050 Right - with small ear tufts.  
  • RG_18051-am2 (Set of 2) 1 of each style

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Size, Weight

  • 8" tall (per manufacturer - unverified)

RG mtx70313

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