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Dog Bowl with Bones Glass Ornament, 4", RGMTX65321

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  • Dog Bowl with Bones Glass Ornament
  • Dog Bowl with Bones Glass Ornament front side
  • Dog Bowl with Bones Glass Ornament back
  • Dog Bowl with Bones Glass Ornament front
  • Dog Bowl with Bones Glass Ornament left side


Paw Prints and Dog Bone Food Bowl Christmas Ornament, 3 5/8 inches. Made of glass and other materials.

Share your tree with your dogs this holiday by including this doggie bowl decoration. It is round and more narrow at the top. The sides are white with red lines, includes 9 black paw print designs, 3 gold glitter bone design, has a realistic shiny aluminum silver color for the inside of the bowl and two little brown treat bones glued to the middle. The back/bottom is solid white matching the base color on the sides. All sides re nicely detailed and it includes a silver ornament string. (New 2020)

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* This item will also sit upright on a flat surface (laying as a real bow)..

Size, Weight

  • 3 5/8" diameter, 1 5/8" deep, 1.5 ounces.
  • size excludes 3/8" metal hanger ring at the top
  • FREE GIFT BOX:  We include a free semi-gloss white gift box with tissue paper

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