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Crayfish Patina Metal Ornament, 6 1/4", HK704, Made in USA

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  • Crayfish Patina Metal Ornament
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Handcrafted with U.S.A. metals - Green Patina Crayfish Christmas Ornament or Year-Round Decor, 6 1/4 inches. Made of steel and copper by H & K Studios in Colorado, US.

This excellent metal art ornament is created by cutting the material into shapes to represent the crayfish, aka crawfish, crawdad, mountain lobster and even mudfish. It has 2 levels of metal, the lower level is steel and the top level is copper. The copper was placed thru a patina oxidation process to form the green coloring and then sealed for protection to retain its color and quality for years to come. Each ornament includes a looped jute rope for a string. Give it as a gift to remember catching or dining on crawdads in Louisiana or any moving freshwater area or use it for your own home decor any time of the year. (New 2018)

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Size, Weight

  • 6 1/4" long, 2 1/2" wide, 1/8" deep, 1.2 ounces.  
  • Packaged in a clear cellophane envelope with a brown frame design on a paper card backing
  • A small piece of clear putty is attached to the back of the order and the paper to keep it in place in the envelope. It is easily removed.

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