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Kubla Crafts

Cloisonne Alligator Ornament, Gift, 5 3/4", #KU7457

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  • Cloisonne Alligator Ornament
  • Cloisonne Alligator Ornament Back
  • Cloisonne Alligator Ornament Side
  • Cloisonne Alligator Ornament Front
  • Cloisonne Alligator Ornament Wood Background Left Side
  • Cloisonne Alligator Ornament Wood Background Right


Articulated Cloisonne Alligator Decor or Christmas Ornament, 5 3/4 inches.  Hand-crafted of enameled copper by Kubla Crafts

Give this fun alligator ornament as a gift any time of the year.  It features a dark green with copper showing alligator with it's mouth open and it even has a copper tongue.  The it has multiple articulated (hinged) pieces at the neck, in the body and in the tail.  The eyes are painted a salmon color and the underside a pearlized white color.  All sides are finely detailed and each includes a gold ornament string.  

  • Images updated 2022 - color is darker than before
  • ARTICULATED: The body and legs are made of segments hinged together giving a flexible design. You can curve the back, move the head back and forth and the legs dangle when hanging.
  • CLOISONNE: Ancient Chinese art form of decorating objects (usually glass or enameled metal) by creating compartments separated by lines of soldered filaments (usually copper wire) to create wonderful artwork.
  • Shelf: This item will also sit upright on a flat surface. (the feet on the back legs do not go flat down but rather at an angle when sitting on shelf).

The end of the tail can be "gently" straightened (or bent) to your desired pose. (Bending the end of the tail too often or quickly may result in the damage to the enamel and/or metal, so we only suggest minimal bending to create a desired affect.)

Size, Weight, Packaging

    • 5 3/4" long, 2 1/4" wide, 1 5/8" high (on a flat surface), 1.0 ounce.
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