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Halloween Memories, Decor and Tree Ornaments

I’m seeing ghosts, goblins, witches and mummies! Is the world coming to an end? No, it’s just Halloween!

Even though it is creepy, I love the creativity displayed in catalogs, at parties, and around the neighborhood during this season: “finger” sandwiches, eyeballs in glasses, designer jack-o-lanterns, etc. Some of my favorite memories were of digging through whatever we had in the house to create a unique costume that would either make the neighbors say “Awww”, “HaHaHa”, or “EEEk!”

My favorite picture is of my oldest sister winning a costume contest as a scarecrow. (If she had the chance, I think she would still like to scare me as often as possible.) If you are more into Fall décor, the internet and Pinterest are full of wonderful ideas.

Explore with me some unusual ways to use Halloween ornaments to decorate for this ghoulish holiday. 

We carry over 70 Halloween Ornaments and Decorations, including Halloween Shelf Sitters (link opens in new window)


At a Halloween Party: Add mini ornaments to Napkin rings, Table centerpieces, Party gifts.

As house/apartment/work decorations: Hang ornaments with ribbons in a window, wreath additions, scene creations, hat decorations, and on a ribbon as a necklace.

Get a glimpse of what one loyal customer used to create a Halloween scene in her house:  (link opens in new window)

Maritza’s shared her experience with us via email.  

“I can't tell you how much I enjoy decorating with those adorable little black rats. Last year I began my search for the perfect halloween rats, after countless web searches, I came across your website and immediately fell in love with those furry little guys/gals. I can honestly tell you that nothing, and I do mean nothing, came close to those furry little posable rats I found at Christmas in Prescott, thank you for offering the most unique little treasures!”


Rats, Spiders and Crows found in our Halloween section. (link opens in new window)

We would love to hear decorating ideas and see pictures from you using our Halloween and Fall ornaments. Are there ornaments you are having a hard time finding?   We hope you find them within our Halloween collection.  If not, please let us know so we may look for them for next year. 

7th Oct 2015 Tammy Lanzi (daughter of owners)

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