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Soft Brown Yarn, Feathers Brown Owl Figurine - med, 7", RGMTX61580

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Smaller (of multiple sizes) Adorable Fluffy, Furry Brown Owl Figurine with Ear Tufts and Turned  Right - Home Decor, 7 inches. Made of faux fur, yarn, feathers, styrofoam, wires.

The light and dark brown coloring give this owl deep woods character. The head, back and sides are covered with long yarn like fibers material, the eyes are surrounded with off white longer fine fibers with brown tips, as is the breast and underside sections and there are real feathers for the wings. The legs and toes are created with thick, durable wires covered with brown paper tape. It also has yellow eye beads and a brown pointed plastic nose. All sides are

Items in this series

  • RG_14284  3" Round ornament (no feet but will sit on shelf) 
  • RG_14813  5" Round Ornament-Figurine(with feet ornament)
  • RG_14285  7" Figurine  (not ear tufts, head turned left)
  • RG_14806  7" Figurine (with ear tufts, head turned right) (this page)
  • RG_14807  10" Figurine (with ear tufts, head turned left) 
  • RG_14814  11 1/2" Figurine (with ear tufts, head turned right)
  • search for 6469 to view all in this series (if still available)

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Size, Weight

  • 7" tall, 4" wide, 4" deep, 1.6 ounces. 
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