Set of 2 Large Kringle Candy Elf Doll Shelf Sitter, 30 - 35", RA4002400 set by RAZ

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added 2022
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Extra Large Size (of 2 sizes) - * Set of 2 assorted (Cane and Lollipop) Candy Store or Kitchen Themed Bendable Elf Figurines - Shelf Decor, 30 inches (toes up) - 35 inches (toes down). From the RAZ imports Merrymint and Kringle Candy Company collection. Made of stuffed fabric, plastic and sequins. (Price is for 2 pieces, 1 of each style).

Purchase a mixture of our fun RAZ peppermint elf dolls and pose them in just about any position. All parts bend individually. These two have white pastry hats and candy cane themed attire. They have fun, smiling, rosy cheeked detailed faces and detailed hands made out of durable plastic for break resistance. Only the highest quality materials are used. One has a chef coat and the other an apron. Both have white pastry - chef hats and velveteen red fabric shoes. All sides are wonderfully detailed. (New 2020)

  • Garland - Lollipop: The items are attached to the palms of the hands and do not interfere with the arms bending.
  • Suggestions: Give either or both as gifts, hook their arms/legs to tree branches, use for your elf on the shelf, inside a wreath, hang them from their arms or legs right side up or upside down or hang them from the ceiling with garland in their hands as if they are helping decorate.
  • WIRES: Thick durable wires in the arms, legs, shoes and torso plus a lighter weight wire in the hat. The head does not turn but you can easily turn the body.
  • Ornament String:  Each includes a 3 1/2" loop ornament string on the back near the neck or on the back of the hat.  

Set includes 1 of each below

  • RA_17129 - Lollipop: Candy cane and mints pattern shirt, white apron with wooden spoon, and holding a large, translucent, red and white lollipop.
  • RA_17130 -Garland: Chef coat, candy cane & mints pattern pants and a silver tinsel garland with gingerbread cookies and red/white stripped balls.
  • RA_17129-am2 (Set of 2) 1 of each style
  • Purchase Separately & smaller size - search for 13955 or click here

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Size, Weight

  • Height:  30" - 35" long (with toes of shoes up versus bent downward)
  • Weight: 1 lb, 3.5 ounces 
  • Width: 6" wide at hat, 5 1/2" wide at shoulders, 22 1/2" wide with arms out to sides 
  • Head Depth: 4" deep, 5 3/4" deep including hat
  • Sitting - back to toes with legs straight out 14 1/4" - 20" (foot up or bent & pointed)
  • Sitting - Height: 16 1/2" tall from shelf