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Red Rock Crab Ornament, 7", break resistant #SL5754

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  • Red Rock Crab Ornament
  • Red Rock Crab Ornament inset


Large Red Crab Ornament or decoration, aka Red Rock, Sally Lightfoot and abuete negro crab, 7 inches wide. Made of flexible break resistant materials.

This fun crab decor or ornament is wonderfully detailed on all sides, including the bottom. It has an orange and red body, red legs with yellow markings and purple protruding eyes (plus blue and yellow on the bottom). This species of crab varies in coloring and is found from Mexico to Peru along the Pacific coast and the Atlantic coast of South America. Hang it from a fish net or place it in a bed of sand for your ocean decor. Also see the links under related categories for more from our ocean, lobster and crab themed Christmas tree ornaments collections.

This item will also sit upright on a flat surface. It includes a clear nylon string for hanging.

Note: This item is a heavier than usual ornament and may require a tree with firmer branches.

Sitting on a flat surface: 2" tall, 7" wide, 4" deep, 3.5 ounces.

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