Platinum Glitter on Gold Elegant Snowflake Ornament, 5 1/2", KAT3363 by Kurt Adler

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Choice of style or set of 2 - Fancy Front 12-point Mostly Platinum Snowflake with either a pearl or clear faceted center Christmas Ornaments, 5 1/2 inches. Made of durable break-resistant plastic from the Kurt S. Adler (KSA) collection.

Make your party or tree sparkle with these wonderful snowflake decorations. The only difference between the styles is the type of bead in the center.  The multi-layer fronts include a large acrylic layer of fern stem pattern, a large and smaller firm yet semi-flexible plastic layer of looped patterns, a round layer of high gloss long stems with round ends for the flower stamen, plus a bead in the center.  The BACK is the single layer of the largest layer.  Both start with a gold color base which is coated with a platinum color shiny paint, glitter, and tiny sequins. Each includes a gold ornament string. (New 2023)

  • Important - Color:  In person these look mostly silverish platinum.  In some lighting and with flash photography, more gold color is visible.  
  • Clear Coating:  Both have a light clear coating so only minimal glitter (primarily from touching the product) comes off the product.  


  • KA_18211 Imitation Pearl in the center
  • KA_18212 Clear faceted bead on silver in the center
  • KA_18211-am2 (Set of 2) 1 of each style

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Size, Weight

  • 5 1/2" tall, 5 4/8" wide, 7/8" deep, 1.2 ounces.