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Passover Matzo Cracker Glass Ornament 3 1/4" CDGO9663

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  • Passover Matzo Cracker Glass Ornament
  • Passover Matzo Cracker Glass Ornament Front
  • Passover Matzo Cracker Glass Ornament Wood Background 1
  • Passover Matzo Cracker Glass Ornament Wood Background 2

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Box of Jewish Matzah Flatbread Crackers Christmas Ornament, 3 1/4 inches (plus ring). Made of hand-painted blown glass from the Cody Foster designer ornaments collection.

Add this decoration to your international, Israel or Jewish holiday (as Hanukkah) themed collection. Matzah, aka matzo, is an unleavened flatbread eaten during Passover when other breads are forbidden per Jewish Law. The soft pita-like bread is used to make matzah ball soup.

This ornament features a rectangular blue box shape with labeling on the front which includes the following in white lettering: "Passover cracker" at the top; "Matzo" over a rusty color center; "crackers" over a brown section, plus "Net Wt 8 oz" in black lettering on the bottom left. The front also includes images of the crackers.  The BACK AND SIDES are solid blue.  Each includes a gold ornament string. (New 2023)

Shelf: This item will also sit upright on a sturdy flat surface.

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Size, Weight

  • 3 1/4" tall (plus hanger), 2 1/4" wide, 3/4" deep, 0.8 ounce 
  • size excludes 3/8" round metal hanger ring on the top 

CD GO-9663 GO9663

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