Mini Blue Hollow Body with Gold Pick Guard Electric Guitar Ornament - Wood, 4" #HI16252 by

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Light to medium Blue Sunburst, Two Rounded Horns, Flag Back, Double F-Hole Electric Guitar Christmas Ornament, 4 inches, made of enameled wood plus 6 copper strings.

Give this finely detailed mini electric guitar ornament or decor as a gift to the player in your life.  The body has two rounded horns, is flat on the front and back with two f-holes on the front plus it has rustic gold color hardware. The neck and head are a darker tone of the blue color on the bdoy. All sides are wonderfully detailed and it includes a gold ornament string.  

Sorry, this item is for decor purposes only and does not place real notes.

Note about Optional Stand (sold separately):  The body of this guitar decor is smaller.  It will hang from the top of the stand and rest on the lower strand, however it is too narrow to fully sit on top of the lower brackets.  (see picture)

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Size, Weight, Packaging

  • 4" long, 1 5/8" wide, 1/2" deep, 0.3 ounce. 
  • Packaged in an off-white thick paper box. 
  • with box:  4 1/8" long, 1 1/2" wide, 7/8" deep, 0.5 ounces. 

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