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Africa Tropical Rainforest Primate - Mandrill Christmas Ornament or year-round gift, decoration. 3 x 4 inches. Made of break resistant material.

Give this wonderfully designed mandrill ornament as a gift to remember studying or a trip to the Congo or rainforest region also runs on the West side of Africa up to Nigeria. This ornament is realistically detailed depicting a male mandrill walking on all fours and looking slightly upward. It includes the well known red and blue face details and colorful bottom. The ornament legs, feet and tail are very firm yet semi-flexible for durability and break resistance. It is textured and detailed on all sides and includes a nylon string for hanging as an ornament. (New 2019)

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* This item will also sit upright on a flat surface.

Size, Weight

  • 3" tall, 4" long, 1 1/4" wide, 2.9 ounces.

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