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LED Haunted Forest Tree Halloween Shelf Decor, 7 7/8", MWEH51383

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Fun Multi-color LED Light Up Spook Haunted Tree Figurine for indoor shelf or table top decor, 7 7/8 inches tall. Made of durable, light - medium weight polystone.

This Halloween decoration is a reminder of movies with haunted trees in the deep woods. The lights inside flash various colors more slowly at first than much faster. The design features a tree trunk with pieces which looks like the trunk broke off, two branch arms, roots which could be legs and a spooky face with on eye fully open, one eye partially open and a jack lantern mouth with teeth. The lights not only flash through the openings in the eyes, bottom of the nose and the mouth but sections are thinned out so the colors flash all the way to the roots on one side, almost giving a lightning strike appearance. All sides are wonderfully detailed. (New 2019)

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* Figurine: This item is only available as a figurine.


  • Required (3) LR44 button batteries (included)
  • The battery compartment is on the bottom with an on/off switch
  • LED Colors: Shades of green, red, blue, pink purple. It flashes less than 1 second each of 8 different colors then it quickly flashes twice in a row of the same color changing colors about 11-12 times. The combination of both 1 second and double flash sequences take approx. 9 seconds, then it repeats.
  • Before Use: Pull the white tab sticking out of the battery compartment to engage the batteries.
  • Troubleshooting: Some arrived with a battery in the wrong direction, if it does not work after pulling the tab, remove the batteries, ensure all are in the same direction, then re-insert the same batteries.

Size, Weight

  • 7 7/8" tall, 6 1/4" wide, 5" deep, 10.1 ounces.

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