Kringle Klaus Silver and White Posable Elf Doll Ornament, 17 - 22", KAKK0114 by Kurt Adler

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Fun, Premium Bendable Silver and White Fabric Attire Elf Christmas Ornament - Shelf Sitter, Decor, 17 (hat bend over) - 22 inches (hat extended). Made of fabric, wires, plastic and resin from the Kurt S Adler KSA Kringles Elf collection (2022 New Release)

This elf decoration is posable with thick wires in the hat, body, legs and arms. It features a charming young lad elf with big blue eyes, dark brown hair, a long stocking hat with a shiny silver tassel at the end and white and silver attire.  The lower part of the hat, parts of the jacket and elf shoes are covered with silver sequins.  There are also clear faceted beads down the front of the jacket, belt buckles and bands around the legs plus two silver tassels at the bottom of the jacket.   The head does not turn. All sides are very nicely detailed.  Each includes a silver ornament string strung thru the front of the hat.

Have fun posing this elf laying on its side, hanging upside down from the knees, arm(s) and/or legs wrapped around a post, peaking out from your tree or even hang it from the ceiling or on a line between book cases,  as if it's hanging garland or tinsel.  

Not a toy - this item is designed for decor purposes.  Repeated bending of the wires (as with a toy) may damage the wires 

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Size, Weight

  • 17 - 22" long (hat bent over, hat extended)
  • 5" wide, at shoulders, 12" wide with arms extended
  • 2 1/2" deep from nose to back of hat
  • Sitting on shelf with back straight: 10 - 15" from top of shelf (hat bent over/extended)
  • 7.0 ounces