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Housebreaking - Training Your Puppy Dog to Ring the Doggie Door Bell

Housebreaking your puppy can be a difficult task. More and more people are turning are training their puppy or adult dog to ring bells to let the owner know they need to go outside. Below are easy instructions to train your puppy or adult dog to ring the sleigh bells. 5 easy steps:

  1. Buy a series of sleigh bells on a leather strap
  2. Hang them from the knob of any door that your dog will use to go outside. Make sure that they are low enough so that your dog can ring them with his paw or nose. If your dog is short, you may have to add an additional cord.
  3. Puppies may have to go outside every half hour and especially right after eating or waking up. Older dogs go out 4 or 5 times a day. When your dog shows signs of having to go outside, in a pleasant, happy voice, say "OUTSIDE?".
  4. 4. Immediately take the dog to the door and with his paw or nose, ring the bells. Take him outside and wait until you are sure he has done his job and praise him highly.
  5. Give the dog a tiny treat of something he loves and make this an enjoyable experience. Bring him back inside.

We suggest our 6 bell and 12 bell leather straps (depending on the size of your dog)