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Fabric with Faux Fur Boots Santa Doll Figurine, 12", ST2306030

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Choice of 4 styles - 12 inches Mountain Man Santa Figurines Christmas Decor with bendable arms. Made with thick, sturdy, plastic forms and faces plus real fabric attire. Price is for 1 piece

Each of these excellent cloth attire Santa figures have similar chubby cheeks face with gold wire frame glasses, blue eyes, raised white eyebrows and a full mustache plus polyester faux white beards.  Three have felt, one has a knit yarn hat and all have a metal bell at the end and faux fur trim, thick felt mittens and faux fur boots with twine ties. Two are wearing Santa coats while the other two have sweaters and scarves. Each is holding different items. All sides are wonderfully detailed. See more details bellow. (New 2018)

ARMS:  The arms are bendable to allowing all the arms, except where a sack is attached, to be posed with the arm in any direction.  In some cases moving the arm too far forward my leave it unbalanced causing it to tip forward.  

FACES:  The two with the Santa Suit (Walking Stick & Black Mittens) have the same face and mustache.  The two with sweaters also have the same face and mustache which is slightly larger and a little more texture in the mustache than the style with the Santa suit.  

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* All stand upright on a flat surface without a problem.  


  • ST_11006 Walking Stick:  Santa with a red Santa suit with faux fur trim, grey mittens, a knit yarn hat with white faux fur trim, is holding a lantern in one hand, an mini imitation tree on his back, a real tree branch walking stick, a red Santa coat, grey mittens and matching grey pants plus white with grey faux fur boots.  (Note:  the tree may be a bit flattened upon arrival - bend the branches to make it more full looking)
  • ST_11009 Black Mittens: Santa with a red Santa suit with faux fur trim, has decorated snow shoes in one hand, a burlap sack with woodland items in the other hand, and faux fur boots.
  • ST_11007 Log Car:  Santa with a red sweater with deer and snowflake designs, grey mittens, has a burlap sack with gifts, twigs, a pine cone and a wood toy train in one hand - a real tree branch cut into a lincoln log shape with wheels also cut out of a tree branch to create a log car, light grey mittens, a medium grey scarf with matching pants and white with grey faux fur boots.
  • ST_11008 Brown Mittens: Sants with a red knit yarn sweater with a large gray snowflake design on the front, has a Lantern and snowshoes made out of grapevines in one hand, a sack over his back with cloth wrapped gifts, a pinecone and real twigs, ia grey knit yarn scarf, brown mittens and grey pants and matching faux fur boots with a button on the front.  

Size, Weight

  • All are approx 12" tall, 6 -7" wide, 4 1/4" deep, 6.8 - 7.2 ounces with the arms fairly close to the body.  
  • The position of the arms will change the final size.  

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