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Dessert Kitchen Elf Doll Shelf Sitter or Ornament, 16 1/2 - 20", RGMTX63066

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Choice of Ice Cream or Cupcake - Large Bendable and Posable Elf Doll Christmas Decorations, 16 1/2 - 20 inches long. Made of fabric, felt and wires. Price is for 1 piece

Dangle these elves from your kitchen cabinets, sit them on shelves with their legs over the edge pose them laying down in a fun pose or hang them from the ornament string down a large tree. The have flexible faces for break-resistance, long stocking hats, jester collars, striped fabric arms and legs, bloomer shorts and colorful elf shoes. They are made from quality materials to last through the years. (New 2019)

Wires: They include wires in the stuffed arms and legs so you may pose them differently every day.

IMPORTANT: Due to the weight of the stuffed body - you may need to have an arm or part of the body against an object or the hand on the shelf to help it sit upright and maintain it's position.

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  • RG_13138 Ice Cream Cone
  • RG_13139 Cupcake

Size, Weight

  • Ice Cream: 16 1/2" long ( hat is always in the same position), 6 1/2" wide with the arm down (arm with ice cream cone does not move), the body plus ice cream is 3" deep. Sitting: Allow 8 1/2" above the shelf. 3.4 ounces.
  • Cupcake: 16" (hat down) - 20" tall (hat up), 6 1/2" wide with the arm down (arm with cupcake does not move), the body plus cupcake it s3 1/2" deep. Sitting: Allow 8 1/2" - 12" above the shelf

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