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Cloisonne Articulated Butterfly Ornament - Blue, Purple, Yellow, 3", KU14998

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  • Cloisonne Articulated Butterfly Ornament - Blue, Purple, Yellow
  • Cloisonne Articulated Butterfly Ornament - Blue, Purple, Yellow pin straight
  • Cloisonne Articulated Butterfly Ornament - Blue, Purple, Yellow Right Side pin bent
  • Cloisonne Articulated Butterfly Ornament - Blue, Purple, Yellow Front


Yellow Body, Blue Base Wings Articulated Wings Enameled Copper Butterfly Christmas Ornament or year-round gift. 3 inch long.

This colorful, hand-crafted cloisonne; butterfly decoration is made of copper and the top of the wings are covered with enameled coatings of shiny blue, green, purple, yellow, red and white while the body is yellow and brown. The top of the wings also have copper filigree patterns and 10 tiny clear faceted beads on each wing. The bottom of the wings are smooth with sections of yellow, green and black. The ornament comprises of many 4 articulated parts (spring loaded) where the wings meet the body allowing the wings to be moved up and down with pressure on them. Hang it on your tree during the holidays and/or year-round on top of a mirror or a shelf unit. All sides are detailed. (New 2021)

  • Bendable Hanger Pin: Gently bend the hanger pin on the back to obtain different positions.
  • Important: Harsh, frequent or repeated bending of the pin or playing with the wings may cause damage/breakage.
  • ARTICULATED: Parts hinged together allowing side to side or up and down movement.
  • CLOISONNE: Ancient Chinese art form of decorating objects (usually glass or enameled metal) by creating compartments separated by lines of soldered filaments (usually copper wire) to create wonderful artwork.
  • * This item will also sit upright on a flat surface. If needed, gently bend the legs so it sits up more evenly.

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Size, Weight

  • Size variances: Each is handcrafted and the hinged springs are inserted by hand, the natural wing positions vary slightly as a result. Every effort is made to make each as identical as possible.
  • 3" long, 2 5/8" wingspan as shown (up to 3 1/8" wide wingspan with wings level), 1 1/2" high with wings as shown, 1.0 ounce.
  • Shipped in a hard cardboard striped box
  • Packaged 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" x 2", 2.3 ounces.
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