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Chinese Parade Dragon Mask Glass Ornament, 5 1/2", KAJ8442

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Chinese New Year Lion - Dragon Dance Christmas Ornament, 5 1/2 inches. Made of glass from the KSA Far East traveler collection.

Give this very detailed, wonderfully designed ornament as a gift to remember a Chinese New Year parade here or abroad (they are held in San Francisco and New York) or to remember a vacation in China. This ornament represents a dragon head mask or the head portion of a Chinese lion dance and/or dragon dance costume. It features a cute face with red pom poms above the nostrils to represent flame plus it has nylon material red tassels hanging down for the beard. The green lips and champagne color around the eyes are covered with sparkling glitter. The back is shiny gold with orange highlights and has curly hair mane designs. The bottom is solid white with shiny gold around the edge. Display it year-round or give it as a gift any time of the year. (New 2018)

Note: Both the lion dance and dragon dance use a decorative dragon head, the primary difference is the quantity of people needed to operate the costume and the movements. (The lion dance only need 2, the dragon can stretch a distance with many people).

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* This item will also sit upright on a flat surface. Sit it on the edge of a shelf and let the beard tassels hang over the edge.

Size, Weight

  • 5 1/2" tall, 3 1/4" wide, 3 1/4" deep, 1.9 ounces.
  • Glass portion only 4" tall (height to allow on top of the shelf)

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