Carnival Carousel Gray Horse Ornament, 4", KAE0727 by Kurt Adler

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Carousel Ride Sparkly Prancing Solid Grey Horse Christmas Ornament, 4 inches. Made of resin and metal from the Kurt S Alder (KSA) collection.

Create a fun carnival themed collection with an assortment of our merry-go-round / carousel animal and food items. This style features a gray horse with a gray mane and tail, silver hooves, a red saddle, blue saddle blanket edged with gold glitter accents and a harness draped with pink flower designs.  It also has a red halter.  The twisted pattern pole is made of gold plated metal. Each includes a gold ornament string. (New 2022)

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In this series

  • KA_16436 Unicorn
  • KA_16437 White and Black Horse
  • KA_16438 Gray Horse (this page)
  • KA_16439 Lion
  • KA_16440 Reindeer
  • KA_16436-am5 (Set of 5) 1 of each style
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Size, Weight, Packaging

  • 4" long, 7/8" wide, 4" tall, 2.4 ounces
  • Packaging: We ship this item in formed styrofoam (see below)
  • This item arrives bulk packed in styrofaom. We cut around each pieces so we can ship the product in it's original foam packaging for safer shipping and future storage.