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Buri Bottle Brush Skunk Ornament, 5", cforn63236

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  • Buri Bottle Brush Skunk Ornament
  • Buri Bottle Brush Skunk Ornament Front
  • Buri Bottle Brush Skunk Ornament Left Side Back
  • 63236 series

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Cute cut Bristle Skunk Christmas Ornament, 5 inches. Made from dyed buri palm tree parts in the Philippines.

Create an entire woodland animals theme with our buri bristle animals collection. This shape depicts a skunk standing on all four legs and looking forward. It's dyed and painted black on the top of the tail and on the underside while the rest consists of natural color fibers. The eyes, nose, ears and legs are made from other parts of the tree. All sides are nicely detailed. (New 2019)

All of our buri animal ornaments are made in the Philippines out of pine like needles from the buri palm tree which are twisted around a metal wire frame and cut to the shape of the animal. All precautions are taken to make sure environmental controls are maintained.

Also see the links under related categories to view more from our wildlife and buri animals themed Christmas tree ornaments collections.

* This item will also sit upright on a flat surface.

Size, Weight

  • 5" tall, 5" long, 2 3/8" wide, 0.9 ounce.

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