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Christmas in Prescott Shipping, Returns, Cancellations

Internet orders are processed using Yahoo Secure Shopping Cart. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery and PayPal for online orders.

All orders ship within 24 hours (excluding Sundays, Holidays, large personalized orders and orders requiring contact before shipment).

If you want the convenience of your order being pulled and ready when you walk through our doors, no problem and no charge.

  • Select in-store pickup when checking out.

  • SAME DAY PICKUP - (Especially during the holidays) - If you plan to pick up your order the same day please state that in the comments section so we are sure to have it pulled before you arrive.

  • SOMEONE ELSE PICKING UP YOUR ORDER - Please put a note in the comments section with who you expect to pick up your order so we know ahead of time we have your approval.

  • 12/26 - 4/30 - Our physical store is closed. Contact us to make arrangements to come by the store. We can hold your order up to 10 days.
  • 5/1-10/30 - We can hold orders up to 10 days if your order is placed prior to October 31th.
  • 11/1-12/24 - We can only hold orders for 3 days unless other arrangement are made.


Weather or other events may delay shipping times, especially heavy snow or ice events.

TRACKING NUMBERS are provided for all shipments.

Free Shipping Special

Free Ground Shipping ABOVE applies to Continental US Only
(Alaska, Hawaii, PR, VI $5.00 off below rates at $79)

Continental US Shipping Rates
** See Oversized/Overweight Notes Below
Alaska, Hawaii, PR, VI
** See Oversize/Overweight
Order Range Ground
2-9 days
Priority Mail
*** 2-4 days
Ground Mail Priority Mail
*** 3-5 days
 $  00.01 -   14.99  $    4.25  $    6.25  $    6.25  $    8.25
 $  15.00 -   19.99  $    4.95  $    6.95  $    6.95  $    8.95
 $  20.00 -   29.99  $    5.95  $    7.95  $    7.95  $  10.95
 $  30.00 -   44.99  $    6.95  $    8.95  $    8.95  $  11.95
 $  45.00 -   59.99  $    7.95  $  10.45  $    9.95  $  12.95
 $  60.00 -   74.99  $    8.95  $  11.95  $  10.95  $  13.95
 $  75.00 -   84.99  $    9.95  $  12.95  $  11.95  $  14.95
      US only $79 or more - SEE SPECIALS
 $  85.00 -   99.99  $  10.95  $  13.95  $  12.95  $  15.95
 $  100.00 -   129.99  $  11.95  $  15.95  $  13.95  $  18.95
 $  130.00 -   159.99  $  12.95  $  17.95  $  14.95  $  20.95
 $  160.00 -   199.99  $  13.95  $  19.95  $  15.95  $  23.95
Over $200 calculated in Shopping Cart

** OVERSIZE/OVERWEIGHT ITEMS & ORDER: Orders requiring oversized packaging may require extra shipping fees. (Multiple Wedding Sets, Snow Globes, 13" or longer items). If additional fees are required we will contact you before processing your order.

*** PRIORITY MAIL NOTES: Some oversize/overweight orders may not be able to ship via PRIORITY mail.
Some large priority mail orders may require additional fees or be unable to ship via Priority mail due to the final weight - size of the packaging.
If either of these are the case we will contact you before processing your order.

NOVEMBER 20TH - DECEMBER 31st: Shipping delays normally start around November 20th. After December 3rd ground shipping can take up to 4 weeks for larger orders. After Dec 15th Priority Shipping can take 1-2 additional days.


CUSTOMS FEES & TAXES ARE THE CUSTOMER'S RESPONSIBILITY. THEY ARE DUE UPON DELIVERY. Sorry we are unable to provide those figures for you.

We only ship to: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom at this time.

RATES: Non-US Rates are calculated during checkout (See below).

Rates are ESTIMATES ONLY - rates are calculated higher than we expect for credit card pre-approval just in case heavier items are ordered.

WHAT WE CHARGE We charge our actual cost of shipping plus $3.00 - $5.00 for packaging and handling depending on the final size of the shipping container and special requirements. (See adjustments below)

ADJUSTMENTS: (see examples below)
  • NOT ENOUGH ESTIMATED: We will contact you before shipping if additional shipping fees are required.

  • TOO MUCH ESTIMATED: We will adjust any shipping fees before processing the final payment. (Paypal customers will be refunded any over charge)

  • OVER 4 POUNDS TOTAL WEIGHT: All orders totaling 4 pounds or more with packaging MUST SHIP VIA PRIORITY MAIL. (the maxmimum weight allowed for international ground is 3 lbs 15.9 ounces)

You MUST PROVIDE A CONTACT PHONE NUMBER during checkout for customs regulations.

REFUNDS/EXCHANGES: (Non-Us Shipping Address) Due to the high cost of shipping, we often are unable to provide an exchange and/or refund. We take special precautions when shipping internationally especially with our more fragile items. We will consider your circumstances before deciding.

******* ESTIMATE EXAMPLES ********

Below are the expected actual 2014 charges by USPS including our shipping & handling fees. See Over Estimates/Under Estimates above.

  • 1 - Glass Ornament - $12.00 Ground & $21.00 Priority Mail

  • 1 - Moose Nativity - $27.00 Ground & $36.00 Priority Mail

  • 1 - 12 pc Wedding Set (6 lbs) - $40 Priority (over 4 lbs must ship via Priority Mail).

Most Other Countries
  • 1 - Glass Ornament $19.00 Ground & $44.00 Priority Mail

  • 1 - Moose Nativity - $36.00 Ground & $56.00 Priority Mail

  • 1 - 12 pc Wedding Set (6 lbs) $60 Priority (over 4 lbs must ship via Priority Mail)

4 lbs or more: Orders with a total package weight of 4 pounds or more must ship via Priority Mail. Total Package size - regardless of final weight - may require additional fees too.

Your satisfaction is important to us. We have tried to answer as many questions as possible below. Please contact us if your have futher questions. Phone (928) 776-1669 or by email customerservice@christmasinprescott.com

NON-US Shipping addresses – see our International Shipping policy

BULK ORDER DISCOUNTS – See our bulk order policies


Generally we have a 30 DAYS RETURN POLICY (from date received), between 31-90 please contact us first.

READ THE APPROPRIATE POLICY BELOW BEFORE RETURNING ANYTHING. (ie: defective items - if able - send a picture instead of returning the item)


If you need to cancel your order – please do so immediately. It is preferable that you call us so we pull your order ASAP, but you may also email us.

If your order has already been picked up by our shipper OR as during the holidays, it’s in bags with hundreds of other orders, we may be unable to stop your order from shipping.

If we are unable to cancel your order before it leaves our facility, see our refused or returns policy.


If you received the item(s) as a gift, follow the instructions below, including providing proof of purchase from Christmas in Prescott (you may also call or email us to see if we can find the info).

REFUNDS: BE SURE TO STATE THIS WAS A GIFT and that you wish to have a CHECK mailed to you instead of a refund to the person it was billed to. Include the name and address for the refund check. Reminder, proof of purchase from us is required and the requirement below still applies.


First, please accept our apology if any of those areas applied to your order. We do our best to double check and properly package everything, but we know this will occur at times.

DO NOT RETURN THE ITEM. If you can please email us a PICTURE of the defect/damage. We will evaluate each situation. Depending on the circumstance, we may do one or more of the following: (A) Send you a pre-paid returned label, (B) Send a replacement, (C) Issue a refund for the item, (4) Issue a refund for the portion of shipping fees you paid relating to the product if we are unable to replace it.

Email Address: CustomerService@ChristmasInPrescott.com

Phone (928) 776-1669


If you accidentally ordered the wrong item, color or the situation changed we will do our best to make an exchange in the quickest and easiest way possible for everyone. We may also be able to offer reduced shipping or if the item was on sale at the time of the purchase we may be able to honor that sale price. However, a refund of the original item cannot be processed until we receive the return.

RETURNS - Delivery Refused - Unable to Delivery

If for any reason a shipment is returned to us as refused or unable to deliver we will make every effort to contact you.

Any re-delivery may require additional shipping fees (except where our error is the cause). Any refund may be reduced to cover shipping fees up to our cost of shipping. If free shipping was applied see that section below

Our Returns address is at the bottom of this page

RETURNS – 30 Days or Less (for reasons other than above)

You satisfaction is important to us. If you wish to return your merchandise for any reason within 30 days (from date received) see below.
  • Merchandise MUST be in its original condition and original packaging

  • PROOF OF PURCHASE FROM CHRISTMAS IN PRESCOTT. Include your order number or a copy of your order. (Phone orders provide the billing name)

  • Preferably, but not required, include a note with a reason for the return. This helps us to know if we need to contact you, if we had an error describing the item on our website, if you just changed your mind etc.

  • If free shipping was applied see that section below

RETURNS – 31-90 Days

Contact us before returning any items 31-90 days after you received it. We understand there may be situations where the product was not reviewed upon arrival or was for a project/event which changed or was cancelled. We will consider each case individually.


Sorry we DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS after 90 days (from date received).

If you returned an item to us after 90 days we will attempt to contact you and request return shipping fees from you. The cost of having the items returned to you is your responsibility. If you fail to provide return shipping fees within 30 days we will consider the items abandoned and we reserve the right to return the items to our inventory or discard the items.

FREE SHIPPING on original order

Except in the cases where our error is the cause, if you received free shipping AND the return causes the total still in your possession to fall substantially below the minimum required for free shipping, you MAY BE responsible for shipping fees and those fees will be deducted from any refund.

We delayed adding this policy for as long as possible but found it necessary be able to continue offering free shipping.

We will only apply this policy where needed to protect ourselves from incurring substantial losses in shipping fees, normally when most or all of an order is returned. In 2014 we only applied this policy 4 times out of over 9,000 orders.

Please feel free to contact us before returning items or completing a purchase if you have questions.


  • READ POLICY: Be sure you read the appropriate policies above before returning anything.

  • 48 HOURS: Any refunds are processed within 48 hours from when we receive it (unless contact is needed before completing the refund). In some cases, as the credit card expired since the order was placed, we may need updated info.

  • TRACKING: We suggest obtaining a tracking number for your protection.

  • ORIGINAL CONDITION: Item must be in it’s ORIGINAL condition and packaging (if damaged/defective read that policy)

    • Email Requests - PICTURES of defects to:


      After reading policy - Mail all returns to:

      Christmas in Prescott
      Returns Dept
      1235 Willow Creek Rd
      Prescott, AZ 86301
      (928) 776-1669

      * Proof of Purchase (order #, Name/date)
      * Your contact info
      * Item(s)