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Buri Animal Gray Javelina Ornament - Wild Pig Ornament by BrushArt

Buri Animal Gray Javelina Ornament - Wild Pig Ornament by BrushArt

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Natural Bristle Brush Animal Ornament. Javelina Ornament or Wild Peccary Pig Ornament by BrushArt. 4 inches. Made from the Buri Palm Tree. Add this buri animal Javelina to your southwestern wildlife theme collection. Create a Brush Art animal ornament Christmas tree.

Javelina, as they are fondly called in Arizona, is a wild pig, called by many names, native to the southwestern United States, Central America and South America.

Made in the Philippines. All bristle brush ornaments are made in an ecology friendly manner. The materials are twisted and glued on wire with other components.

The legs can be gently turned to help the Javelina stand upright. Hang this javelina pig as an ornament or stand on shelf as decor.

3 1/4 inches tall x 4 inches long, 0.4 ounce. (Also see our farm pig ornament)

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