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Brushkins, BrushArt - Buri Bristle Brush Animal Ornaments

Natural Animals, Brushkins, BrushArt

Over 90 Natural Bristle Brush Animal Ornaments by BrushArt, KSA and other great names. Also called bottle brush and buri animals ornaments and more recently known as Martha Stewart Brush Animals, all the same item by a wide variety of names and sources. Brushkin animals are miniature brush animals, we have a few left, all the other styles are 30% - 80% larger. Create a bristle brush animal Christmas tree or give as a gift any time of the year. Children and adults love them.

All our Buri Bristle Brush Animals are hand-made in the Philippines from leaves, seeds, fibers of the Buri palm tree. The fibers are twisted onto a wire, with the resulting round brush being hand cut into the final animal shapes.


Brushkin Miniature Animal Ornaments by Brushkins - Nature's Accent
(discontinued - only 1 item left)
Made in Philippines
Birds, Insects
(25+ items)
Made in Philippines
Buri Bristle - Cats, Dog, Guinea Pig,  Hedgehog, Ferret, Turtle, Ocean Animals, Puffer Fish Ornaments by BrushArt
(20+ items)
Made in Philippines
Buri Bristle - Small US Wildlife Animals Ornaments by BrushArt
(20+ items)
Made in Philippines
Buri Bristle - US Large Animal Ornaments by BrushArt
(14 items)
Made in Philippines
Buri Bristle - Non U.S. Animal Ornaments by BrushArt
Camel, Elephant, Giraffe, Gibbon, Gorilla, Hippo, Kangaroo, Koala Bear, Lion, Llama, Orangutan, Ostrich, Panda, Penguin, Rhino, Tiger, Zebra ornaments
(20+ Items)
Made in Philippines
Natural, Synthetic Bird and Animal Ornaments, Decor
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(15+ items)
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