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Lollipop Candy Elf Ornament, Shelf Sitter

Lollipop Candy Elf Ornament, Shelf Sitter

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Bendable Elf Kitchen Christmas Decor or Ornament. 10 inches. Lightly glittered Elf Shelf Sitter.

This smiling elf ornament or decoration is great for hanging just about anywhere or pose it on a shelf. The face is made of semi-flexible, washable, rubber break-resistant material. The shorts, lower part of the vest and lollipop candy is sprinkled with large frosted glitter. It has a fabric pink vest with white fluffy trim and pink fluff balls, red shorts, pink elf shoes and Santa hat, green and white legs and arms, a blue and white color, plus of course a pink and white lollipop. Also see the links below to view our entire Christmas Elf ornaments and shelf sitter collection.

DIFFERENCE TO BELOW - This item has large white glitter on the shorts & lower part of the vest plus more glitter on the lollipop.

The arms and legs have wire to help pose it for shelf decor. Wrap the arms and/or legs around a pole, banister, tree branch or just about anything. Hang it by the string (attached to the hat) to use as an ornament.

10" tall, 1.6 ounces.

Lollipop Candy Elf Ornament, Shelf Sitter
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