Kitchen Elf Doll Ornaments, Shelf Sitters, 10", your choice

Kitchen Elf Doll Ornaments, Shelf Sitters, 10", your choice
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11-Candy Cane  11-Cookie

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Kitchen Elf Doll Ornaments, Shelf Sitters, 10", your choice
Bendable Bright Colors Kitchen Elf Doll Christmas Ornaments or Shelf Sitters with bendable limbs. 10 inches long.

Price is for 1 piece. Your choice of pattern style. With candy cane, lollipop or a tree (cookie style tree).

This fun elf ornament has both fabric and felt cloths. It has a semi-flexible latex head, stuffed body and wire in the limbs. Give one or more as a gift for holiday kitchen decor or add them to your own Christmas elf ornaments collection. (New 2013)

Sit the elves in different poses as elf dolls on a shelf to create an elf family. Hang them with the white string attached to the hat, bend the arms to wrap around a branch, over a curtain rod or just about anywhere. The face is made of non-breakable washable latex. (The hat does not have wire, it is stuffed to retain it's shape).

LOLLIPOP DIFFERENCE TO BELOW - This item DOES NOT have glitter on the shorts & vest and has slightly less glitter on the lollipop.

10" long, 1.6 ounces.

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