Blinking Lights Christmas Bracelet

Blinking Lights Christmas Bracelet
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Product Description

Blinking Lights Christmas Bracelet
Light Up Christmas Jewelry. Blinking Lights Bracelet (3 blinking bulbs). Approved for adults and children over 13 years old.

Wear this fun battery operated Christmas tree lights and beads design bracelet while caroling or enjoying an evening of fun. The lights are even bright enough to be easily seen in daylight. Also see the links below for more light up Christmas jewelry. (New 2013)

Every other light bulb shape blinks very brightly (total 3 blinking bulbs).

SIZE: Adjustable from 8" - 9" long.

Requires 2 button cell batteries (1.5 volts AG-3) - INCLUDED.
Per manufacturer 2 batteries lasts 15 - 20 hours of continuous use.
ON/OFF switch on battery compartment.

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