Mini Clip On Parakeet Glass Ornament by Old World Christmas -choose

Mini Clip On Parakeet Glass Ornament by Old World Christmas -choose
Item# OWC_18049
Regular Price: $8.99
Sale Price: $8.09
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22-Green  6-Blue

Product Description

Miniature Parakeet Christmas Ornament, 2 7/8 inches, by Merck Family's Old World Christmas. OWC 18049

Price is for 1 piece. Your choice of color: Green or Blue

Clip this finely detailed with bright color tones mini or small parakeet ornament onto your wreath, mini tree or clip it on a bird house along with our other clip on bird ornaments. This ornament makes a great gift idea for the parakeet collector or addition to any bird or parakeet themed Christmas tree ornaments collection. Made of blown glass and hand-painted plus glittered accents.

2 7/8" long, stands 2 1/2" high off clip, 7/8" wide, 0.4 ounce.

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